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Planned Infrastructure Improvements

For further information on any of these projects, please call the City Engineer (816) 316-4857 or the Public Works Director (816) 316-4855 during regular business hours. 

  • Annual Asphalt Overlay Program
  • Annual Slurry Seal Program
  • Annual Sidewalk and Curb Repair Programs
  • Annual New Sidewalk Program
  • Annual New Curb Program
  • Main Street - Phase 3
  • Farmers Market Civic Plaza

To view Public Works' projects that are currently being advertised for bids, click here.

The City of Grandview is committed to the upkeep and improvement of its transportation system. The Citizens of Grandview approved a Transportation Sales Tax and a Capital Improvements Sale Tax from which the City dedicates funds each year to its Asphalt Overlay Program, Slurry Seal Program, Sidewalk Repair Program, Curb Repair Program, New Curb Program and New Sidewalk Program. The Annual Programs for the proposed City of Grandview’s 2014 Asphalt Overlay Program, Slurry Seal Program, Sidewalk Repair Program, and the Curb Repair Program have been approved by the Board of Aldermen.



The asphalt overlay and slurry seal programs work together to keep the city’s streets in a safe, acceptable condition. Our engineers evaluate the city’s street system and then rank streets according to degree of deterioration, traffic volume, and other factors. The public works staff then puts together an annual program for both asphalt overlay and slurry seal balancing the needs of the neighborhood streets, major streets, and the budget.

Typically, construction of the annual Asphalt Overlay Program takes place in June. This two-step process involves first, the removal of excess asphalt on the street by a milling. The second step is placing a new asphalt overlay on the street. On days we are milling and paving, we must prohibit parking. This year’s program is funded at $375,000 by the Transportation Sales Tax Fund.
We are proposing the following street segments be included in the 2014 Asphalt Overlay Program:

STREET                        FROM                                           TO

120th St

Smalley Ave Dead End East of Sycamore Ave
120th Terr Belmont Ave Bennington Ave
124th Terr Cambridge Ave Dead End East of Bristol Ave
126th St 13th St 15th St
129th St Winchester Ave Byars Rd 
140th Terr Winchester Ct Cul-De-Sac east of Winchester Ct    
152nd St White Ave Bellaire Ave
8th St Lena Ave 175' North of Main Street
Bennington Ave 139th St 140th PL
Fuller Ave North City Limits Armitage Dr
Goode Ave 15th St West Frontage Road
Highgrove Rd 80'x24' section from Crystal Ave Corrington Ave
Manchester Ave Park Hills Dr 134th Terr
Park Hills Dr. 134th Terr Dead End South of 134th Terr
Parker Ave 137th St Cul-De-Sac South of 137th Terr
Spring St Highgrove Rd 133rd St
Winchester Ct 139th St

Cul-De-Sac  South of 140th PL    

 2014 Overlay Program Location Map



Annual Slurry Seal Program

Typically, construction of the annual Slurry Seal Program takes place between mid-July and mid-August. On the day slurry is applied to the street, parking is prohibited and the street closed to traffic. The 2014 Slurry Seal Program is funded at $65,000 by the Transportation Sales Tax Fund.
We are proposing the following street segments be included in the 2014 Slurry Seal Program:

Street From To
10th Street Main St Highgrove Rd
134th Terr Park Hills Drive Donnelly Ave
139th St Botts Rd 140th St
141st St Southern Rd West Frontage Road
142nd St Southern Rd West Frontage Road
143rd St St. Andrew Dr LaQuinta Dr
147th Terr White Ave Fuller Ave
149th St East Frontage Road Barat Ave
150th Terr Barat Ave Bellaire Ave
Oakland Ave 126th St Cul-De-Sac north of 126th St.
Pineview Dr Stonewood Dr 150th Terr
Pinkston Ave Grandview Rd 13th St
Spruce St 135th St 300' North of 137th St

 2014 Slurry Seal Location MaP



 The annual Sidewalk and Curb Replacement Programs involves removing and replacing segments of existing sidewalk or curb at various locations. The program includes areas identified through citizen complaints, and those identified by our staff. A driving force in final selection of places to work is the need to develop an ADA compliant infrastructure. Since this part of the program involves streets that are part of the annual asphalt overlay program, construction typically starts April 1 and is complete by mid-June.

2014 Sidewalk and Curb Repair Program Addresses


Annual New Sidewalk and Curb Programs 

To lessen costs, one contractor typically builds the annual new sidewalk program and the annual new curb program. Design of both programs is underway. A public hearing to receive comments on these two programs is tentatively scheduled for late June 2014. Construction is not expected to take place until fall.

 potential 2014 NEW SIDEwalk locations    
13101 15th St     13103 15th St

13111 15th St

13113 15th St 13115 15th St 13117 15th St
12222 Blue Ridge Blvd 12301 Blue Ridge Blvd 14514 Eastern Ct
14508 Eastern Ct       


 potential 2014 NEW CURB locations    
12222 Blue Ridge Blvd  12301 Blue Ridge Blvd

13701 Belmont Ave

13709 Belmont Ave 13719 Belmont Ave 13721 Belmont Ave
13727 Belmont Ave 13731 Belmont Ave     



Proposed Farmer's Market Rendering Construction is about to begin at the parking lot on the northeast corner of 8th and Main Streets.The parking lot  will be closed to the public starting Sunday July 7th. The existing parking lot will be permanently closed and replaced with a civic plaza. Construction of the Farmers Market Place will start Monday July 8th.



Main Street Phase 3 Project - COMPLETED

Main Street Phase II - Completed Phase 3 of Main Street Revitalization Project is a short 475 foot long segment between the east side of 13th Street to 150 ft west of 15th Street. While the street travel way will receive an asphalt overlay, the major features of the phase involve building new curb, sidewalk, and storm drainage collection improvements. Phase 3 will also replace the streetlights with modern energy-efficient fixtures and new decorative poles, matching those used in Phase 1 and Phase 2. Construction will not start until sometime after the Truman Heritage Festival to be held May 4-6, 2012. During construction of this phase, at least one lane in each direction will be open to allow for through traffic to continue to use the street.

Funds for improvements to this phase of Main Street will come from a combination of the City’s Capital Improvements Sales Tax and a Federal Highway Administration grant.


Main Street Phase 4 Project

Although construction of Phase 4 of the Main Street Revitalization Project is not scheduled until 2014-2015, work designing that improvement will take place during most of 2012. This phase of work will be a complicated project that will connect Phase 3 to the West Frontage Road. Once data is collected on the existing conditions the City’s design team seek input from property owners, businesses, patrons, and citizens on both what is needed within this segment and how best to address those needs. As with Phase 3, Phase 4 will be funded by a combination of the City’s Capital Improvements Sales Tax and a Federal Highway Administration grant.






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